• Woman exonerated in 1995 death of infant son


    TULSA, Okla. - The murder charge against a mother accused in the death of her child has been dismissed at the request of the state. 

    Michelle Murphy was convicted in 1995 of the murder of her 3-month-old son, but new evidence and District Attorney Tim Harris’ admission that he "misspoke" at the trial, led him to ask the judge to vacate the judgment that gave Murphy life in prison without parole.  She was released from prison on May 30. 

    After her release Harris told FOX23 they state would determine if there was enough evidence for a second trial. Friday the charge against her was dismissed.

    “This day has been a long time coming for Michelle,” said Sharisse O’Carroll, who represented Murphy along with her law partner Richard O’Carroll.  “Not only did she suffer the tragedy of losing her beloved child but also the injustice of being wrongly incarcerated for 20 years for his murder that she did not commit.”  

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