Tulsa firefighters quarantined, several monitored after COVID-19 exposure

Four Tulsa firefighters test positive for coronavirus

TULSA, Okla. — Update: As of July 28, 2020, there are 26 Tulsa firefighters are in quarantine, and 76 others are being monitored but are still cleared to work. There have been 25 positive cases since March and there are two active cases.

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Officials say four firefighters have tested positive for coronavirus and more than 50 from two Tulsa stations are quarantined and being tested for coronavirus.

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The two fire stations were temporarily shut down. Station 24 and 19, are back open and being staffed by off-duty Tulsa firefighters or by Tulsa stations that have extra firefighters on hand.

TFD is doing their own contact tracing. Testing first the firefighters who they know were in contact with the infected firefighter at Station 24.

A firefighter from Station 24 near 36th Street North and Peoria tested positive for COVID-19, according to fire officials.

They believe he contracted the virus from a wedding, Chief Mike Baker said in a news conference on Tuesday.

The 36 firefighters the infected firefighter works around are now at home and being tested.

Station 24 is being staffed by other firefighters around the city. They are coming from stations who have extra firefighters on shift.

Tuesday afternoon, Tulsa Fire announced Station 19 is now temporarily closed.

That station is near 56th Street North and MLK.

This happened after a firefighter who works there started showing COVID-like symptoms. The firefighter and the 15 firefighters he works with at Station 19 are all now in quarantine and being tested.

Fire officials expect 19 to re-open when they can get it staffed after cleaning.