Mom helping to raise money for daughter’s kidney transplant

TULSA, Okla. — In March 2020, 9-year-old Seven Speights was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure.

Seven first had a UTI that was difficult to treat so the doctors did tests, and found out her kidneys were


She was rushed to St. Francis Children’s hospital, then she was life flighted to OKC to start dialysis.

In August 2020, Seven’s mom, Natalie Logan, discovered she was a match and plans to donate her kidney to save her daughter’s life.

Natalie is trying to raise money to help in the aftermath of the transplant surgery.

She says pre-and post transplant fees cost around $28,000 to $30,000 a year.

At this point Seven is considered disabled which allows a special insurance to pay for the transplant and medical costs, but after the transplant she will no longer have that special insurance so the family will only have their regular insurance and have more out-of-pocket expenses.

Natalie is trying to raise money to cover expenses for at least 3 years post transplant which is considered the most vital time after transplant.

Seven’s tentative surgery date is in August.