• New leads in search for missing Welch girls

    By: Tiffany Alaniz


    Quick Facts:

    • Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman disappeared in 1999
    • Her mother, Lorena, wants anyone who has called tips over 16 years to re-file tips
    • New Facebook page set up to get tips to find Lauria Bible

    Citing changes in staffing, a mother wants help to strengthen a missing person’s investigation.

    Lorene Bible’s daughter, Lauria, disappeared with Ashley Freeman in December of 1999. Freeman's parents were found dead in the family's burned home.  

    FOX23's Tiffany Alaniz went to Welch with Bible's family to the site where the girls were last seen. 

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    Bible announced on her Facebook page that anyone who has ever filed a tip should re-file any information they have with law enforcement and OSBI.

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    She encouraged tipsters to ask officials if their tips had been followed up on, saying some reports did not get to the proper authorities.

    CLICK to submit tips on Facebook

    She also noted new people were in all offices. 

    The new push to find the girls resulted in tips from Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri over the weekend. Some people said they saw the girls alive in a car after they disappeared.

    Some of the same people named in the case years ago are still coming up in the new investigation.

    Jeremy Jones, who is currently on death row in Alabama, claims to have killed the girls, but he was not able to provide investigators with enough information for them to conclude that it was, indeed, him.

    Investigators are following up on the new leads, but they are still asking people with information to call law enforcement.

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