Missing Welch Girls: Man reveals new information after conviction

VINITA, Okla. — Investigators say they’ll be checking new locations in Picher, Oklahoma in hopes of finding the remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman.

The girls were taken in 1999 and their bodies have yet to be found.

FOX23 learned Friday that agents working on the case have been talking with the lone, living man convicted in the case daily to get new information that could help find them.

A judge sentenced Ronnie Busick to 10 years in prison, with five years of probation for accessory to murder.

Authorities say Busick revealed disturbing details that David Pennington told him before his death. Pennington is one of two men suspected in the girls' disappearance who died several years ago.

Busick says the girls tried to run and hide on the Freeman property but the murder suspects found them, tied them up with rope, stuffed socks in their mouths and abducted them.

He says the girls were kept alive for two weeks before they were killed.