Miss USA Contestants visited Tulsa’s Greenwood District and learned about the city’s history

TULSA, Okla. — The 50 Miss USA contestants got the grand tour of Greenwood and learned about the hollow grounds.

The women toured the Mabel B Heritage Home, learned about Vernon AME, walked down BWS to Greenwood Rising.

FOX23 spoke with Miss Oklahoma Albreuna Dominique Gonzaque about what it meant to visit this historic area with her fellow contestants.

“As a Black woman, I was not taught this when I was in the ninth grade,” Gonzaque said. “I cannot imagine that people from around [the U.S.] know about [the Tulsa Race Massacre].”

She continued, “This is the 100th anniversary, and we have to make an impact now more than ever.”

Miss Colorado, Olivia Lorenzo agreed. She explained that she never learned about the Tulsa Race Massacre in school.

“Many of us didn’t learn about this side of history until today,” Lorenzo said.

Despite not knowing much about Greenwood’s history before the visit, many contestants were happy to visit the area and learn more about the area.