Midtown Tulsa florist, UPS say it’s not too late to surprise mom on Mother’s Day

TULSA, Okla. — With Mother’s Day just days away, a local florist is urging customers to order early and be flexible.

Owner of Mary Murray’s Flowers in midtown Tulsa Nicki Argo says as of Wednesday, there’s still hope for surprising mom with a beautiful bouquet in time for Mother’s Day, but act fast.

“It’s going to be really, crazy busy,” Argos says.

She says the pandemic has really put a damper on the flower industry; problems with flights, lack of truck drivers and workers in her store are all making it harder to put your order together.

“I don’t have near as any flowers to sell and so it’s going to be kind of first-come, first-serve.”

The small business owner says the price of flowers has gone way up, but she made the choice not to raise her prices for the holiday. You can place an order as late as Saturday, but that’s playing a risky game. Your order will be more expensive and her staff may not have enough time to deliver themselves. For a price, however, she can try and send your order in an Uber.

While roses may seem like the go-to, Argo says tulips actually beat the classic flower for both Mother’s and Valentine’s Day. Whichever petal you choose, under the current circumstances, she asks you to be flexible.

“If the picture shows these kinds of flowers, don’t be upset if they’re a little bit changed a little bit, just because we’re going to have to make substitutions.”

If you’re coupling flowers with a pair of shoes or a new sweater, UPS’ Ayana Green also urges you to ship early.

UPS says for the last 15 years, the company has shipped more for Mothers’ Day than any other holiday in the first half of the year, including Valentine’s day.

While there’s no magic shipping date to beat, Green recommends using the UPS website to get the most accurate read on when your package will arrive. And remember, the longer you wait, the more limited your options become. Also, keep two-day and overnight shipping in your back pocket.

Another way to celebrate mom that requires no thinking ahead, send FOX23 a picture that could appear in our newscast!