Mayes County private school gets their first storm shelter

MAYES COUNTY, Okla. — Storm season is here and that means many of us are cleaning out our storm shelters. For one Mayes County school, this season will be the first they can use their new storm shelter!

William Bradford Christian School has been working to get a storm shelter for the last six years. The shelter they have was donated to the school by the county commissioners, who received it from Google.

This shelter is one of many tanks Google donated to Mayes County.

Volunteers are helping the school with this by moving the tank on-site and gathering donations to allow them to install ventilation and electricity inside the tank. The only thing left to do is to put concrete on the floors.

In past years, the school has used the teacher’s bathroom and supply closest as their storm shelter, but administrators say the buildings are not very strong. Now, they’ll be able to use this tank. Each building for the school has a key to the new shelter so they can take the students outside and give them a safe place.

Recently, they’ve been letting the students into the tank to let them get accustomed to the tank so they aren’t as scared to use it during storm season. The tank is able to hold 100 children inside.

William Bradford Christian School has called the shelter the “lion’s den”.