Wagoner County man accused of stealing over $1,000 of marijuana from grow house

VIDEO: Wagoner County man accused of stealing from grow house

COWETA, Okla. — Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott says Deputies arrested Daniel Russell, of Coweta, for burglarizing a medical marijuana grow facility in the Timber Brook area of Wagoner County.

Elliott says Deputies found Russell on a suspicious male call near near 71st and 221st on Sept 12.

They found him with ‘grass stains’ on his clothes, and a backpack nearby full of $1,000 worth of weed. With the grass stains on Russell and knowing they were near a medical marijuana grow facility, deputies arrested Russell--who they later found out did not have a medical marijuana card.

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Deputies located the victim, who said Russell was an ex--spouse, and confirmed Russell broke in and caused $6,000 worth of damage to the grow facility. Sheriff Elliott says September is a prime month for this kind of activity because it’s harvest season, and marijuana plants are at full maturity.

Sheriff Elliott estimates there are about 70 medical marijuana grow houses in Wagoner County.