Suspected child predator arrested after undercover investigation

TULSA, Okla. — -The Tulsa County Sherriff’s Office says they arrested a suspected child predator in an undercover investigation.

-Detective Jason Weis says 21-year-old Brandon Whitebead added who he thought was a 14-year-old girl on Facebook in March. The profile actually belonged to Det. Weis, and had photos of a female deputy.

-Court documents say Whitebead told the girl he was randomly adding people, and was ok with her being underage.

-The conversations quickly turned sexual in nature, asking the girl to send nude photos, describing sex acts, and sending nude photos of himself.

-Deputies put out a warrant for his arrest earlier this month, and he was arrested this week on multiple charges for lewd or indecent proposals to a child, lewd or indecent exposure to a child, and one count of using technology to engage in sexual communication with a minor.

-Det. Weis says what’s worrisome about this case is that the suspect was adding random people, so it’s possible he added or talked to real young girls.

-He says predators will do or say anything to manipulate a child to get what they want, from grooming tactics to threats.

-It’s important for parents to have difficult conversations with their children about dangerous people online, and for parents to stay up to date on apps their kids are using.

-Det. Weis also urges parents to look for behavioral changes in their child that might indicate they are being groomed, like increased use of devices, spending more time secluded in their room, or getting upset if they cant get online