Man arrested in connection to homicide in Beggs

OKMULGEE COUNTY, Okla. — One man has been arrested in connection to a stabbing that left another man dead in Okmulgee County on Monday.

Bernard Richard Poulin, 29, was arrested today following an investigation led by the FBI after a man was found stabbed, beaten to death in his home near West Main Street and North 160 Road in Beggs.

A probable cause affidavit says it happened when officers with the Beggs Police Department searched a home near West Main Street after being notified that there was a dead person inside.

Responding officers reportedly located the victim, Nicolas Don Shaver, dead on the floor with a large laceration to his neck. Later that night, a federal search warrant was reportedly issued, leading police to discover more stab wounds and a long wooden club next to the victim.

After investigators reportedly talked to a nearby witness about the incident, they were able to match the description to 29-year-old Bernard Richard Poulin.

Poulin reportedly told detectives that he did go to Shaver’s home the night of the incident to buy some “speed.” He then told detectives that Shaver previously disrespected his friend and had the idea to beat him up before getting to the victim’s home, reportedly.

Once Poulin arrived and went into Shaver’s home, Poulin said he started being “mouthy” and lied, and because of this he beat him up.

Poulin then told detectives he reportedly hit and kicked the victim to the point where Shaver was lying on the ground bleeding. Poulin said he and Shaver both had knives but that he did not stab Shaver during the incident, reportedly.

After the altercation, Poulin reportedly told detectives that he took the victim’s SUV because he didn’t feel like walking, drove it to a field, later set it on fire and pushed it down a hill to avoid a stolen vehicle charge.

Detectives reported they observed injuries on Poulin that matched the altercation he described.

Poulin is now in police custody where he faces charges of murder and arson on tribal land.

This case is being handled in federal court since the crime happened on tribal land, a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt decision.