Local woman says she was wrongfully accused of driving through protesters

TULSA, Okla. — Tami Marler, President of Swingin’ D Horse Rescue says she is being wrongly accused of driving the truck through a group of protesters Sunday afternoon on I-244.

After she shared the raw video post on her company’s Facebook page saying, “If those were my horses, I would be so concerned. I would want to use that highway and get out of there.”

Marler has a horse rescue company in Coweta.

She shared the video post Sunday night hours after the incident. She says someone immediately accused her of being the driver and it was shared hundreds of times. By Monday, she was forced to delete her company Facebook page and website due to threats.

She believes the man accused her of being the driver because she takes care of horses, but in reality, she is just putting herself in the horses position.

Since she has to take care of sick horses on a daily basis, she feels if she was driving, she would want to get her horses out of the trailer immediately and give them the care they need. By no means was she trying to spread hate.

She says she supports the protests and something needs to be done. She says she received death threats, and many people starting calling her husband. All posts have since been deleted calling her out.

She says the man who originally called her out apologized.