Local vintage toy shop expands collection, gets national attention

VIDEO: Tulsa vintage toy store opens new location

TULSA, Okla. — -One local toy shop is expanding during the pandemic.

-Fan Fortress near 61st and Sheridan opened in November, and just moved into a new location a few doors down that’s double the size of the original.

-The toy shop allows people to buy/trade/sell, and specializes in vintage and unique toys.

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-The owners say there’s a strong toy collector community in Tulsa that has supported their business more than they expected.

-The owners say during the pandemic shutdown, they were able to grow their online sales through Facebook marketplace and ebay.

-Once they opened back up, store sales were strong along with their online sales.

-The expansion allows them to expand their inventory, add a new t-shirt area, and are now carrying K-Pop merchandise and albums.

-The shop will also soon be featured in a documentary tv show, “A Toy Store Near You,” about toy shops around the world in the pandemic. The show streams on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, and Youtube. The show is now streaming but their episode has not been added yet.

-The owners say the exposure on the show will be huge for them, especially with international sales, which they’ve already seen a spike in lately.