Local therapist offers equine therapy, brings families together during pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — As the pandemic continues, a local therapist is bringing families together in a unique way.

Kimberly Whayne is a licensed professional counselor in Green Country. She is one of the few therapists that are certified in equine therapy. Whayne brings her clients to her family’s ranch to help them overcome trauma and mental health issues, while learning more about their loved ones.

Whayne has spent the past three years offering a special summer session in north Tulsa, in addition to her year round sessions. Kimberly says her number one priority is to help the community understand that mental health is important and you have to maintain it.

Whayne starts her therapy sessions with structured games either mounted on the horse or on the ground walking next to the horse. She tells me that her clients learn about building trust, confidence, and finding their new rhythm in life. She also teaches kids about college scholarships for rodeo if they’d like to continue pursing horse-riding in the future.

You can learn more at www.overcrosscounseling.com.