Local school bathrooms getting vandalized because of TiKTok challenge

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. (KOKI) — Schools across Green Country are having items stolen and property vandalized as a result of a TikTok challenge called, “I hit a diabolical lick.”

At the Jenks ninth grade center, a urinal was kicked off the wall. Now, soap dispensers have gone missing at the middle school and electronics are being stolen from classrooms.

Assistant principal Megan Jackson says this is not cheap and students will face consequences.

Teachers are checking on restrooms more and the school is looking at cameras in the halls to narrow down which students are responsible.

Jackson is asking parents to talk to their kids because it is serious and says what they are doing is vandalism and theft. She’s also encouraging parents to monitor their kid’s social media.

School officials say students will face suspension and possible restitution.