Local plumber offers tips on frozen pipes as weather warms back up

TULSA, Okla. — Local plumbers say with warmer temperatures on the way, we may not be out of the woods quite yet when it comes to frozen and damaged pipe issues.

Andy DuVall, owner of DuVall Plumbing Co. near E. 111th St. and Memorial says his staff hasn’t been able to catch a break because calls just keep coming in. He says it’s something all plumbers are experiencing right now following the cold in Oklahoma.

DuVall says thousands are still without water in Tulsa and surrounding areas. He says the biggest question continues to be: “how do I thaw out my pipes?”

DuVall continues to recommend that people leave their faucets dripping and to keep their lower cupboards and vanities open to help warm air circulate and help pipes thaw. He says even with warmer temperatures in the forecast, it could take a few days for pipes to completely unfreeze.

If your faucet doesn’t have full water pressure, there’s a good chance your pipes are still frozen.

The business employees say they plan to work over the weekend to help customers get water. DuVall said, “there’s going to be several weeks here that we’re trying to catch up.”

DuVall said another concern is the impact of a shift of warmer temperatures that could shift the ground and expand pipes. It could potentially create even more damage to your plumbing. He says it’s another reason to be mindful and keep a close eye on while we wait for several days of consistent temperatures above freezing.