Local musician with terminal cancer planning a final tour with his band

TULSA, Okla. — The bandmates of a local musician are hoping to raise enough money for him to go on a “Cancer Tour”.

Friends describe the piano playing of Tim Shadley as brilliant, creative, witty and honest.

Shadley is battling stage 4 renal cell cancer.

Doctors say he doesn’t have a lot of time left.

His wish is to perform with his friends who share his same love of music, because he says that’s a connection that never ends.

Shadley has wanted to tour with his band, but with the pandemic shutting down so many venues, that wish has been nearly impossible.

Now, Shadley and his friends can finally tour together after getting vaccinated.

Starting April 14th, they will play in Saint Louis, Chicago, Tulsa and more together for Shadley’s final tour.

Shadley told his friend, Justin Rice, “I just wanna go play with my friends around the country.”

Rice says, “Tim is one of the few that elected to dedicate his life to music. The world is a whole better place for it.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the group raise money for their tour.

So far, they’ve been able to raise about $13,000. The goal is $20,000.

You can also look up Tim Shadley on YouTube and Facebook to hear his piano playing.

FOX23′s Amanda Gilbert will have his emotional story on FOX23 News Sunday night at 9.