Local groups react to Biden administration’s gun proposals

TULSA, Okla. — Second Amendment groups say they’re going to push back against the Biden administration’s gun control plans.

President of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, Don Spencer, says Biden’s plans are a violation of our rights. Kay Malan with the Oklahoma chapter for Mom’s Demand Action says she supports Biden. She says his gun control proposal will save lives. She adds she’s for guns, but against gun violence. Waiting to be voted on now at the Oklahoma state capitol is a bill to make Oklahoma a gun sanctuary state. Meaning no matter the legislation passed, Oklahomans’ guns and rights will be protected.

State Sen. Nathan Dahm is the co-author of Senate Bill 631.

Last year, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed another of Dahm’s bills. The bill marks the first anti-red flag law in the country, which prohibits authorities from seizing guns from people who may be violent.

Dahm says they saw federal action like this coming so got ahead of it to protect citizen’s rights.