Local grocers seeing increase in meat prices

TULSA, Okla. — Some Oklahoma grocery stores noticing rising meat prices.

Tricia White, Perry’s Food Store Manager says there has been a price increase for meat, what the ranchers are charging butchers to get meat, and the price butchers have to charge to sell it in their stores.

They attribute it to more people wanting to dine out and barbecue again.

White says consumers will likely see a price increase on popular meats, like fillets, rib-eyes, t-bones and chicken wings or anything you would typically order at a restaurant or put on a grill.

For instance, she says her fillet’s are 26.98 a pound versus her usual 25.98 a pound. She says when they get charged more, she’ll have to charge more.

She believes things will change once people get used to being back to normal, post-pandemic.