• Family of a local missing mother finds mysterious letter

    By: Sara Whaley


    Quick Facts

    • Tina Pitts disappeared from her Tulsa apartment in 2006
    • This week her family got a mysterious letter about her whereabouts
    • Now desperate to find the person who delivered it.

    A family looking for their missing mother for nearly a decade now said a mysterious letter showed up this week.

    The letter has them now more desperate for answers than ever before.

    The message was written on a napkin and basically tells the family where to look for the body of Tina Pitts.

    Pitts disappeared from her east Tulsa apartment complex in 2006.

    Pitts’s three children told FOX23 in an interview that the letter has them frustrated and hopeful all at the same time.

    “It makes me feel  angry, it makes me feel sad and at the same time it kind of gives light in my heart,” Courtney Richardson said.

    Richardson told FOX23 it’s the best lead they’ve had in almost a decade.

    Now they are begging for the person who put the letter on their grandmother’s door to come forward.

    “On Memorial Day we want to go to the cemetery, on Mother’s Day we want to go see our mama somewhere. So please just help us find our mama whoever y’all are,” Richardson pleaded.

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