Local fabric company using sample room to make masks

Local fabric company using space to make masks

Tulsa, Okla. — Tulsa based company Fabricut has converted it’s sample room to mask making.

Fabricut is a wholesaler to the interior design industry.

It started when Hillcrest sent them a mask and asked if they could make it with those specifications.

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Now staff at all three major hospital systems are wearing masks made at Fabricut, as well as staff in other clinics.

They won’t be worn by doctors in clinical settings or treating COVID-19, but other staff all through the hospitals can wear them.

Fabricut was founded in 1954 by Joe Finer and Harry Guterman, who were refugees from Nazi Europe. Now CEO, and Joe’s son, David Finer, says he believes they would be proud to see their company giving back to the community they felt they owed a great debt to.

To make a request for masks email aj.finer@fabricut.com