Coronavirus: Local doctor gives tips for trick-or-treating this year

VIDEO: How to trick-or-treat safely during the pandemic

Okla. — With Halloween just over a month away, FOX23 is hearing from a local doctor on how to celebrate the holiday safely in a pandemic.

Dr. Dale Bratzler, Chief Covid Officer at OU Medical Center, says the safest way to trick or treat will be with immediate family or household members. Avoid gathering with a large crowd of children together.

Dr. Braztler recommends children wear a mask. If their costume has a plastic mask or some kind of face covering, it’s a good idea to also wear a cloth mask underneath.

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It is relatively low risk to get COVID-19 from neighbors while trick-or-treating, as the interaction is only for a few minutes or seconds.

The person handing out candy should also wear a mask to help protect themselves and others.

Parents should keep good hygiene in mind with their children, be sure to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before eating candy.

Dr. Bratzler says trick-or-treating can be done safely as long as people avoid crowds, wear masks, and frequently clean their hands.