Lighthorse police budget increased as their caseload expands

TULSA, Okla. — In light of the Supreme Court McGirt ruling last summer, the Muscogee Creek Nation National Council has approved a budget increase for the Lighthorse Police Department. This budget increase is more than two million dollars to help maintain and improve public safety along with law enforcement efforts.

This added money would allow them to hire more deputies along with increase pay to become more competitive with other departments in the area.

The McGirt ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court changed the way criminal cases in the region are handled, making crimes on Oklahoma’s tribal land or involving tribal members fall under federal jurisdiction.

Principal Chief David Hill says, “the budget will stabilize their efforts and empower even more growth and progress.”

Right now, the department has more than 60 full-time officers and sixty cross-deputization agreements in place across the reservation. Both of those numbers have nearly doubled since before the ruling last summer.

This budget increase would be the second increase the Lighthorse police department has seen since the McGift ruling. In total, they’ve received nearly five million dollars in additional funding so far.