Life Change Community Outreach getting food to Tulsans in need

TULSA, Okla. — Life Change Community Outreach is working to get food to Tulsans that need it most.

They gave away hundreds of GoFresh USDA Farmers to Families Grocery boxes on Friday.

Some boxes were given to food pantries, others were dropped at hotels where homeless families are staying during the extreme cold, and the rest were given to anyone who needed it.

They received the boxes from another organization that couldn’t distribute them at this time.

Life Change has experience distributing food through its “On the Porch” program in which volunteers deliver groceries to Tulsans in need by dropping them off on their porches.

The program was designed to deliver food to people safely during the pandemic and is funded entirely by donations.

The On the Porch program is ongoing. If you would like to get involved or are in need you can go to