Last minute Thanksgiving shoppers will face empty grocery aisles, low stock on holiday favorites

TULSA, Okla. — If you still must shop for your thanksgiving dinner it may be difficult to find some of the foods on your list depending on where you go.

“Kind of last minute,” said Martha Rains.

Shopping late can always present some challenges. “It has been more challenging. You go and think you are going to find and item, and it is not there,” said Joe Glenn.

Shoppers go where they can buy what they need.

“I came to find some garbanzo beans so which I could not find anywhere else,” said Rains who did fin them at Oasis Fresh Market. “I did find them here.”

Aaron Johnson owns oasis fresh market in north Tulsa. He wishes he could always meet the customers’ needs but being a smaller grocery store he has a hard time getting all of his orders.

“We are still not getting 100 percent of the trucks. Today it was either between 61 or 75 percent. Which causes challenges,” said Johnson. He’s sold out of many popular holiday foods over the last few days.

“Macaroni and cheese, toilet paper, I think yesterday we are completely out of paper product,” Johnson said. “You are talking about spices, pie crust, we cannot even order additional turkeys or additional hams because we are so close to that holiday season.”

He says they have about 100 turkeys and hams left. He says they were able to order many through organizations who helped them buy in bulk, but they were left with only a few. He says it is difficult for distributors to want to sell to his single store. He wishes he had more to offer to North Tulsa.

“That is a little compared to holiday season,” he said. “How are we going to be able to offer those turkeys or hams again at Christmastime if we are unable to get more.” The Reasors in Midtown Tulsa had coolers full of turkeys. “Getting a fresh turkey was kind of a challenge because Perry’s is not here anymore,” added Glenn. Back at the Oasis, Aaron Johnson just hopes his suppliers are able to stock his shelves.

“We are trying to look at alternatives even looking through different partners who we can look to to say hey, we are unable to supply this could you supply this for us,” said Johnson.

For the most part if you need to find a holiday dinner item you can find it in Tulsa it just depends on where you go.