Kia Motors shoots Super Bowl commercial in Tulsa

Super Bowl commercial filmed in downtown Tulsa
  • KIA Motors spent the week shooting its Super Bowl commercial in the streets of Tulsa.
  • Many people have noticed and contacted FOX23 to see what movie was being made that looked like a police chase but after contacting the City of Tulsa, we did found out that KIA Motors got a film permit called KIA Josh and Journey.
  • Tulsa Police were cleared the streets ahead of the golden SUV that KIA says is a model to be revealed during its ad in the big game next month.
  • A casting call for extras and scene actors went out last month where the company said it would shoot its Super Bowl commercial in Tulsa.
  • Actors were needed to play the roles of sports reporters at a news conference, but we will have to wait to see how that news conference plays into the scenes shot on the streets of downtown.
  • We also know they filmed next to the Meadow Gold sign on Route 66.
  • The company is keeping the new SUV a secret.
  • KIA Motors declined to give any details about the commercial or the golden SUV when FOX23 contacted them except that we will all see the final product and the special new model vehicle “very soon”.
  • The Super Bowl will be air on FOX23 Feb. 2.