Keifer man accused of sexually assaulting woman for over a year, recording on hidden camera

Man accused of raping woman and secretly recording it
  • Kiefer Police are looking for more potential victims in a rape investigation that began back in December 2019.
  • KPD Chief Johnny O'Mara told FOX23 a woman came in two months ago to report that Kevin Clark had allegedly been drugging her, raping her, and recording it on a hidden camera multiple times since June 2018.
  • The woman, court documents state, was living in a trailer owned by Clark, and Clark had become insistent that she return a cell phone charger he left behind in the trailer.
  • When the woman went to retrieve what was supposed to be a normal iPhone charger, police and court documents state, she discovered it was a hidden camera with a memory card. After analyzing the memory card, the woman discovered videos of numerous times she was unconscious and either groped, molested, fondled, or raped.
  • According to investigators, it was after the last sexual encounter in last November 2019 that the woman woke up and realized she had been recently assaulted.
  • O'Mara would not comment on the relationship between Clark and his accuser, but he said there was enough trust between them that he had access to her and had the ability to drug her without her knowledge numerous times.
  • Clark, court records show, texted the victim that if asked by the police about the videos he would say that the victim told him she prefers having sex while unconscious.
  • Police looked over the memory card from the hidden camera and found that there is a second victim also recorded, and she told officers she had no idea the encounter was being captured on camera and did not consent to having her photo taken during it.
  • O'Mara said it is possible there are other women out there who have have been either assaulted or recorded without their consent by Clark, and they are asking anyone with even a small suspicion to come forward.
  • Clark's sign business in Kiefer was closed, and a sign on the door said it was having issues with its computers.
  • O'Mara said there is no computer issue other than the fact that KPD took most if not all of Clark's electronic devices in for examination to see if more videos or photos exist of questionable sexual incidents.
  • Clark has already bonded out of jail.