• Judge awards family $1.2 million in nursing home abuse case

    By: Rick Maranon


    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - A federal judge awarded $1.2 million to a family Friday night whose hidden camera footage revealed their loved one, a 96-year-old woman, abused in an Oklahoma nursing home.
    Eryeta Mayberry is not alive to see those who abused her pay for what happened, but her children said they believe they are one step closer to justice.
    “It’s been almost three years. All in the memory of our mother,” said Doris Racher.
    Mayberry’s family walked out of the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City victorious Friday.
    “The other side was so full of untruths and I’m just so glad about the outcome because we told the truth and the truth always prevails,” Racher said.
    The home responsible for hiring the two nurses caught abusing their mother will have to pay more than $1.2 million in damages.
    The nurses, one of whom was deported after ruled guilty, abused Mayberry and tried to prevent her from breathing. The abuse prompted lawmakers to create the POLO Act, which makes it legal for families to install cameras in their loved ones' nursing home rooms to keep an eye on their safety.
    The nursing home company said the ruling is too much of a financial burden and plans to appeal the verdict.

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