Jenks Shooting: 3 people are dead in suspected murder-suicide

1 man, 2 children dead after apparent murder-suicide in Jenks

Quick Facts:

  • Police are investigating a triple shooting Saturday afternoon in Jenks.
  • Investigators told FOX23 that a man and his two sons are dead after what they believe is a case of murder-suicide. Police said the children’s mother was at work when the shooting happened.
  • Jenks police identified the man as Thang Khen, 36, and Peter Kehn, 8, and Samual Pau, 10.
  • Police said Khen gathered his four children into the garage of their home in the Country Woods neighborhood near West 106th Street South and South Madison Street South.
  • They say he shot two of his sons and another son ran away, an infant was left unharmed. Khen then took his own life.
  • Officers responded to a call around 12:50 p.m. regarding a domestic incident at the home. Police said others living in the home called 911.
  • No one else in the home was injured.
  • Anyone looking to donate to the family of the victims can do so here.
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Update to Jenks murder-suicide case

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Posted by FOX23 News on Tuesday, December 17, 2019