Jenks Middle School students temporarily virtual learning after gas leak

VIDEO: Jenks Middle School students doing virtual learning after gas leak

JENKS, Okla. — All students at Jenks Middle School are in virtual learning due to multiple gas leaks inside the school.

Rob Loeber, JPS Director of Communications says the leaks began in mid November, and it’s been a challenge for OGE crews to locate all of them in such a large building.

Loeber says the school needs to pass a pressure test. They have one scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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If they pass, students and staff should be able to go back to in-person learning on Tuesday, the 19th. He says that should give them enough time to heat up the building.

He attributes the long way to Jenks Middle School being the single, largest school in the JPS district and the winter season. He says if this incident were to happen in a warmer month, kids would be able to attend school because they wouldn’t have to worry about heating the building.