• Jenks police arrest soccer coach accused of making lewd proposal to minor


    JENKS, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Blake Lewis, 29, was arrested for lewd proposal to a minor and soliciting a minor to perform lewd acts
    • Lewis was a coach the Tulsa Soccer Club according to their website
    • FOX23 is working to get more information on the arrest. 

    Jenks police arrested a man they say sent lewd proposals to a minor. 

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    Blake Lewis, 29, is accused of sending a lews proposal to a minor and soliciting a minor to perform lewd acts. Lewis is a soccer coach at the Tulsa Soccer Club according to their website

    FOX23's Naomi Keitt talked to the executive director of Tulsa Soccer Club Jim Tindell who said Lewis was removed from his position when they learned about his arrest. He said there had been now complaints about him befor and told FOX23 Lewis went through the proper risk management training that all their coaches go through by the state association. He said TSC will follow whatever the outcome of the police investigation.

    Police told FOX23 the minor involved is a family friend and was not a client. They said the investigation began in August when officers were told about Facebook messages that made the 14-year-old girl's family uncomfortable. 

    During the police investigation they took over the girl’s Facebook messenger account. They said Lewis sent several pictures of himself without a shirt on in his bed, in the shower and in his underwear. They also said he asked for pictures from the girl. 

    They said the messaging continued for two months before Lewis arranged to meet the girl at her apartment complex. When Lewis showed up he was arrested. 

    Police held him in the Jenks jail while they got a search warrant for his phone, then he was transferred to Tulsa.

    Tulsa Soccer Club released the following statement regarding Lewis:

    We are writing about the affiliation of Blake Lewis with TSC Hurricane. Mr. Lewis is no longer affiliated with TSC Hurricane and will not have any involvement with TSC Hurricane in the future. Many of you will have heard news reports of Mr. Lewis’ arrest. At this time, TSC Hurricane does not have any information other than that reported by the local news organizations. While we cannot speak to the allegations in this matter, we at TSC Hurricane ensure that each of our coaches are licensed and go through a risk management process through the Oklahoma Soccer Association and strive to maintain a safe environment for all of our participants. If you have any questions please contact Mark McIntosh at or macssoccer@tulsacoxmail.com or Jim Tindell  tschurricane@me.com.


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