Ice storm hits Osage County pecan farm

RALSTON, Okla. — Icy weather across Green Country left a farm damaged in Osage County on Tuesday.

Dr. Mike Ben, owner of “Ben Cattle and Pecan," says ice damaged multiple pecan trees on his farm in Ralston.

Ben has three orchards and all three were damaged.

“If it wasn’t for the leaves, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad," he says.

“It sounded like the fourth of July out here yesterday because everything was cracking.”

Ben says they’d normally be harvesting the pecans this time of year, but with so many leaves still left on the trees they were weighed down and causing branches to break.

Ben says they ship pecans all over the U.S. and this damage will impact their business.

The same orchards were impacted by the historic flooding in 2019.

They plan on cutting down broken branches and say they pray the trees will grow back properly for the future.