How teachers can identify abuse while teaching virtually

Tulsa, Okla. — The Child Abuse Network (CAN) is reaching out to make sure people who are working with kids virtually, can help keep an eye on them.

Teachers are around students so often that they’re their big contributors to watching out for signs of child abuse.

CAN says just because you can’t see them in person anymore, you don’t have to stop looking out for them.

Teaching virtually can give you an opportunity to get a look at their home life. You can look for signs of abuse, signs the children don’t have enough food in the house, or signs children who are too young to do it safely and are watching smaller children.

They are minimizing unnecessary contact and the number of people in the building, but CAN is still there working to help prevent abuse during this stressful time.

If any family is struggling and needs assistance they can call 211. The Community Service Council can help you find resources that are still available right now. You can report suspected child abuse to the DHS hotline: 800-522-3511. You can report anonymously and DHS can check to see if the child is safe.