How to prevent your kids from falling victim to cyber threats

VIDEO: How to protect your child's computers from cyber threats

TULSA, Okla. — With more children going online with distance learning, cyber threats are a real concern.

Mathew Newfield, Chief Information Security Officer of Unisys explained things parents can to do prevent their kids from falling victim to cyber threats.

Unisys says a recent survey shows only 31 percent of people in the U.S. are concerned about internet security--- and with more kids online now for distance learning, more families should be taking steps to protect them.

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Newfield suggests changing the default password on your router.

You can also invest in ‘nanny software’ that monitors what websites your child is visiting and how they are spending their time online-- it also allows you to limit or restrict certain sites.

He says have a conversation with your kids, about how to verify links, before you click on them.

“Having that back and forth conversation so that if they do make that mistake and if they do click something and let’s say adult content comes up when it should not be there that they feel safe enough to talk to you so that you can remediate that problem,” Newfield said.