How long could it take for your absentee ballot to be delivered?

TULSA, Okla. — Millions of people are casting their ballots by mail for the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

However, FOX23 has heard from concerned voters over the absentee ballot process in what is expected to be an election with record voting numbers.

FOX23 Investigative Reporter Janna Clark tested out the mail-in process to find out how many days it could take for a county’s election board to receive a ballot.

She put together 30 envelopes that weighed the same as an absentee ballot and mailed them from post offices around Tulsa and from towns around Green Country, addressing them to the FOX23 News station in east Tulsa.

Twenty envelopes arrived in two days, six arrived in one day, two arrived in three days and one showed up after eight days.

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The Postmaster General says there is no doubt the U.S. Postal Service can handle whatever volume of mail it receives.

The Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary says he feels confident about how USPS will handle the number of mailed absentee ballots.