How did Oklahoma businesses adjust to the pandemic?

TULSA, Okla. — As it did to hundreds of Oklahoma businesses throughout 2020 and into 2021, the coronavirus pandemic changed the way Galaxy Home Recreation operates.

Galaxy Home Recreation CEO Ronak Shah says he immediately worried about how he’d keep all 40 of his employees after organizers shut down the Tulsa Home & Garden Show.

Galaxy Home Recreation has been in business in Oklahoma for 45 years.

The lockdown in the state back in the spring gave Shah and his staff the gift of time, which is rare in the retail world.

Shah says they brought all of their employees to the table to brainstorm and they decided to take their business to digital.

They posted all of their pricing online, found ways to offer digital appointments, and met with clients virtually and in socially-distanced backyard appointments.

Shah says they managed to keep all 40 positions and has since more than doubled its workforce to nearly 100 employees.

Galaxy opened a 25,000- square-foot showroom in north Oklahoma City, they’re launching a new website and opening a new store in Rogers, Arkansas.

They say they’re catering to families who are have been spending more time at home and investing in hot tubs, trampolines, swingset and basketball hoops, and now Galaxy’s challenge is keeping those items in stock.

Shah says despite the hope that the COVID-19 vaccine returning life to normal, his business is forever changed for the better.

Galaxy Home Recreation has four locations across the state, including two in the Tulsa area.

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