Historic Tulsa home finally gets residents after sitting vacant for decade

Historic Tulsa home in Maple Ridge receives recent renovation and welcomes home a family with old ties after sitting vacant for 10 years on September 9th, 2020.

A historic Tulsa home in Maple Ridge has been restored and remodeled for a familys homecoming.

Atlas Homes LLC purchased the property with intentions to bring the home to its original glory.

The home sat vacant and in disarray for 10 years. Amanda Howell with Atlas Homes says they spent nearly 10 months renovating the home that was built in the 1920s.

Howell says they refused several offers from developers who sought the property. She says that their goal was to keep a historic piece of Tulsa alive.

Howell says the home caught several peoples attention. She says they had several potential buyers, all with unique stories.

In the end, it made sense to offer it to one particular family who already had ties and a history with the home.

Atlas Homes says a Tulsa womans inquiry caught their attention.

Stephanie Weaver said the house had been the former childhood home of her father and his four siblings from 1955 to 1979.

Howell says after hearing the stories from how they family set up a Christmas tree in every room during the holidays, to the enlarged kitchen window where Stephanies grandmother would do dishes and watch over her children while they played outside, the decision to sell the home to the Weavers only made sense.

Howell says it wasnt just a home for the Weaver family, it was a home with history.

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