Health care center in north Tulsa serves community

Quick facts:

  • Crossover Health Services has been in north Tulsa for eight months.
  • The health clinic seeks to serve the community in more ways than health services.

A new health clinic in north Tulsa is getting a lot of business, and experts say it is meeting a crucial community need.

Crossover Health Services has been a part of the north Tulsa community for eight months, and in that time it has grown.

Now, officials are working to tell the community that they do not have to travel south for good care.

Cameron Walker, the director of Crossroad Health Services, said that there is only one physician in north Tulsa to every 26 in south Tulsa and midtown, and residents in north Tulsa live 14 years less on average than their neighbors to the south.

He said that these facts caused him and others to see a serious need for a health center for north Tulsans.

“You may not know us as a clinic,” Walker said. “You may know us because your son played football with us.”

The health clinic is a part of the larger Crossover umbrella, which includes Crossover Sports, Crossover Ministries and many afterschool programs.

“We want to touch people in multiple areas of their lives,” Walker said.

Angelia Barnett has lived in the north Tulsa community for 17 years, and has raised her children there.

She left a local hospital and came to work at Crossover for the convenience and opportunity to make a difference in her own community.

What stands out for her the most is that she has a place she can take her children that also works for her.

“That, to me, is worth more than I can explain,” Barnett said. “If they’re sick at school, I can bring them here. It’s close, it’s convenient and that’s important.”

Walker said that the health clinic is not only about health care.

“We try and bring services and programs that will help develop people and help develop north Tulsa,” Walker said.

Now, the center only has one doctor, but they are looking to hire more part-time doctors and fill other positions soon.

The clinic also has about 10 acres of undeveloped land where they hope to have a community center or a school for boys in the future.