Haven’t voted lately? You might be be dropped from voter rolls

TULSA, Okla. — If you haven’t voted in a while but plan to vote in the upcoming November election, you may need to check your voter status.

The Oklahoma State Election Board cleans up its voter rolls every other spring including Spring 2019.

Before voters are deleted, that election board sends out confirmation letters, similar to a postcard, that need to be filled out, folded and sent back.

Several situations can trigger a confirmation letter to be sent:

  • Not voting for two federal cycles -- which could be six or eight years
  • Name and date of birth match someone in another state
  • Surrendering an Oklahoma driver’s license in another state

Once the state sends out a confirmation letter, that voter has 60 days to respond before being designated as inactive.

After not voting still for two more consecutive general elections, a voter will be deleted from the rolls.

In 2019, the process removed 3,030 duplicate voter registrations and 88,276 inactive voters from Oklahoma’s rolls.

The state election board says the process is required by a 25-year-old state law that means to protect democracy by making it more difficult for someone to use outdated voter lists to commit fraud.

Oklahomans can make sure they’re an active, registered voter on the state election board’s website here or contact their county election board.

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 3 presidential election is Oct. 9.

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