• Hand, foot and mouth disease flaring up in Tulsa

    By: Morgan Downing


    TULSA, Okla. - A nasty virus is spreading among kids in Tulsa. It’s called hand, foot and mouth disease. A doctor said he’s seeing way too many cases.

    Small red spots are starting to appear on children in Tulsa. It’s not chicken pox.

    It’s hand foot and mouth disease – a common spring and summertime virus, and it’s going around quickly.

    “We’re usually seeing 10, 15, sometimes 20 kids a day. It’s really remarkable the past couple weeks,” Dr. Ethan Warlick said.

    Warlick says the highly contagious virus spreads through saliva and feces.

    “It’s more common with day care and kindergarten age kids under age 5,” he said.

    He said it starts out with a sore throat. Then comes the rash, fever and sores in the mouth.

    “They’re just miserable. It’s like having a mouth full of canker sores instead of just one,” Warlick explained.

    “That sounds horrible,” new mom Shannon Elliott said.

    Elliott said her baby just started going to day care and now that she’s learned this virus is going around --

    “It’s just one more thing to think about every time I take her and drop her off at day care. One more thing,” Elliott said.

    Warlick said hand washing and disinfecting is the only way to prevent it. The big catch: there isn’t any medicine to make the virus go away.

    “Once they’re sick it’s a matter of managing the pain” he said.

    Warlick said adults and teens can get this too, but usually it’s just a sore throat and no rash.

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