Group purchases, spreads message about saving Julius Jones

We live in a world were websites and social media have become a way for people to share messages and their opinions.

During the pandemic, the group Save Our State used Facebook to spread a message about making change in the Sooner State. They say we need to call on our elected officials for a better Oklahoma. Now, they’ve found a new way to expand what they advocate for.

Right now, if you type on your phone or computer, what pops up is not what you’d expect. Nate Morris with Save Our State says they discovered the governor’s domain name was available for purchase. They bought for $12.00.

Visitors to will find the words, “Free. Julius. Jones.”

Morris says, “on the off chance that someone googled Kevin Stitt, we wanted to be sure that popped up, so folks could be directed to understanding what they could do to save Julius Jones’s life.” The website even says things like, “lets imagine something better” and it has a countdown to election day.

Morris says, “it just seems very astounding that you’re an incumbent governor, you’re running for reelection, you obviously have higher political ambitions and you wouldn’t, or someone on your team, wouldn’t think we should probably buy the website with your name on it.” He adds, “if folks have any ideas about what they want the content to be, or they want to share their stories and have this amplified, they can go to the website itself or they can email us at

FOX23 did reach out to the governor’s campaign office. They said the governor never owned that domain name. There is a website. This is not the first time something like this has happened to an elected official.