Greenwood Chamber of Commerce member under fire after allegedly calling business owner racial slur

VIDEO: Longtime Greenwood business owner files lawsuit against chamber of commerce

TULSA, Okla. — Update 01/07/2021:

Tori Tyson filed a lawsuit against the Greenwood chamber.

Her lawyer says the deed is not in the Greenwood LLC name.

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He says what Greenwood is doing is unethical and come Sunday, tori is not closing her doors. She paid her dues.

Original story 12/29/2020:

A member of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce is receiving backlash after allegedly calling a business owner the N-word.

Tori Tyson the owner of Blow Out Hair Studio in the Greenwood District is fighting to stay open. She says she is being wrongfully evicted by the chamber.

Blow Out has been in business for over 40 years, but doors could shut for good Jan. 10.

Tyson is worried her family’s legacy and more history of Black Wall Street maybe wiped away.

Tyson says for more than a year, the chamber raised her rent three times while her neighboring businesses didn’t see increases.

“I paid my rent…I didn’t pay my rent increase because y’all not charging everyone the same”

In July, she demanded the chamber show an itemized receipt explaining why her rent was raised and even went to court.

However, chamber board member reverend Evans says Tyson never paid the correct amount in two years and is being evicted.

Earlier this week, Tyson and Friends protested the eviction.

During the protest, Evans went up to the group of participants and called them the N-word.

Evans says he was attacked by the protesters first by being called hateful names on these signs.

“I didn’t call anyone a bad word. they called us a bad word we didn’t try to degrade anybody. they had our pictures up degrading us.”

Rev. Kenneth Evans is unapologetic and says Tyson deserved to be called the racial slur because she acted in a disrespectful, loud and obnoxious manner.

Tory says she never called him names during the altercation. She just wanted to know why she was being charged more and wants transparency with the chamber.

City Councilwoman Vanessa Hall-Harper is showing support to Tyson. She says the chamber is self organized so city council members didn’t vote for anyone to be on the board. Hall says they need new board members who are a part of the community and care about it.

“They want to carry the name of Greenwood but they don’t want to act in the spirit of Greenwood and that’s a problem.”