Green County animal shelter saves injured coyote, discusses importance to ecosystem

JENKS, Okla. (KOKI) — A Green Country animal shelter is trying to save a sick coyote found in Jenks.

Wild Heart Ranch Director Annette King, says they named her Bugsi.

It all started when Jenks Animal Welfare received multiple reports about a sick and skinny dog in Veterans Park.

They posted to Facebook, saying “in actuality it was this poor female coyote afflicted with an advanced case of sarcoptic mange and secondary infections. Many attempts to capture her failed until she finally became too weak to escape Sunday evening.

If you Look at the comments, some question saving Bugsi.

King says, “coyotes have gotten a bad rap for many generations. For the people who say what’s one coyote, what’s one human.” She adds that they’re important to our community and ecosystem.

Jenks Animal Welfare posted to Facebook, saying “you may see coyotes patrolling the levee that encircles the old section of Jenks, as well as the Jones Airport; they’re searching doe the gophers and moles which cause damage to the levee’s integrity.”

❓Did you know coyotes and foxes play a valuable role in the safety of Jenks❓ There were reports over the last couple...

Posted by Jenks Animal Welfare on Monday, June 14, 2021