Green Country therapists learn unique treatment to help those with PTSD, depression

TULSA, Okla. — A team of mental health clinicians in Green Country are learning about a new treatment to help clients suffering from trauma.

Kristy Pauls travels the country to teach this unique type of therapy.

It may look like she’s just waving her hands in front of someone’s face, but Pauls is actually performing a type of therapy that can have a big impact.

“It is literally changing lives every time you use it,” said Pauls.

It’s a condensed version of accelerated resolution therapy, also known as ART.

“It does look like you’re just waiving your hand, but you’re using bilateral eye movements. That causes the brain, in my layman’s term, to exercise,” said Pauls.

The exercise can replace negative thoughts that come with conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

“You can change negative to positive, and you’re literally working inside the brain,” said Pauls.

She says she’s personally seen the therapy save lives.

“When I worked in an emergency service setting, I had a veteran come in, and he was suicidal,” Pauls said. “We sat there for an hour and 15 minutes, and he focused on the trauma that he had in Afghanistan, and he moved all those negative emotions and sensations and changed the images to positive, and he walked out of there not suicidal.”

Situations like this is why Pauls travels the country to teach ART therapy. She says people can see improvements in their mental health in one to five sessions.