• Green Country fire department rescues man from cloud of hornets

    By: Jonathan McCall


    KEYS, Okla. - Quick facts:


    • Firefighters in Keys rescued a man from a horde of hornets.
    • The man was stuck on top of a 100-foot tall tower.
    • No one was hurt.

    A one of a kind rescue had a Green Country fire department buzzing Tuesday.

    Firefighters in the town of Keys rescued a man trapped on a water tower by aggressive, stinging insects.

    Not only did firefighters have to climb a 100-foot tower to rescue the man, they had to do it with thousands of angry bugs swarming around them, while dressed for a funeral.

    Keys firefighters were on their way to the funeral of a firefighter’s mother when they got the call from a man claiming he was stuck on the tower.

    They found him in a cloud of thousands of angry wasps and hornets, trying to hold still.

    With their gear over their funeral attire, two firefighters scaled the tower and tied off safety ropes to get him down. They brought the man an extra set of gear. 



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    Luckily, Chief Jeff McCarty said everyone made it down without a single sting.

    He and the crew were able to make it back to the funeral.

    - See more at: http://www.fox23.com/news/news/local/green-country-fire-department-rescues-man-hoards-h/nnq7k/#sthash.Nf9seZZ0.dpuf

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