• Grandfather shoots grandson during argument


    CATOOSA, Ok - A Catoosa man went to the hospital Friday night after police say he was shot in the chest by his grandfather during an argument.

    Catoosa Police Chief Kevin McKim told FOX23 the shooting occurred around 6 p.m. Friday at a home located near Pine Street and 161st East Ave.

    When officers arrived they found the 25 year-old grandson down with a gunshot wound to the chest, and his grandfather still in the home, according to McKim.

    Though the investigation is still ongoing, McKim believes fear may have played a part, "The grandfather has basically stated that he feared for his life."

    McKim went on to say that the family is no stranger to his dapartment, as they have a history of family disputes but that this is the first time a gun has been involved.

    As for the grandson, "He was talking and stuff when he was being transported," says McKim

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