Google announces $75 million investment in Mayes County

PRYOR, Okla. — Google is investing more than $75 million in Oklahoma.

The news was announced Wednesday afternoon. The investment will grow its Mayes County data center in Pryor, bringing Google’s total investment there to $4.4 billion.

“Google’s continued investment in Pryor creates a ripple effect of growth throughout our community,” said Pryor mayor Larry Lees. “When Google expands, the growth isn’t limited to the campus. Our schools, businesses, and nonprofits all share in Google’s success, and we are thrilled to see the momentum continue. We’re proud to say the internet lives in Pryor.”

In addition to its Oklahoma investment, Google will spend $9.5 billion in offices and data centers across the country. This will create at least 12,000 full-time Google jobs.

Google is also investing in Oklahoma’s education.

The company will create a $100,000 grant to fund education programs for Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools. Google will also partner with the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services to offer the Google Career Certificate program. Participants can learn job-ready skills that prepares them for fields like digital marketing, data analytics, and e-commerce.