Glenpool comfort dog returns to Uvalde, meets with children beginning new school year

GLENPOOL, Okla. — A Glenpool comfort dog is once again lending a paw in Uvalde, Texas.

In June, FOX23 shared the story of when Persis first traveled south to help the community after the devastating Robb Elementary School shooting in May.

Now, Persis is helping students and staff go back to school.

Janice Marut with Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is managing Persis and nine other dogs from across the country as they help students and staff in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Persis is splitting her time between two schools and works the entire school day at recess, in a counselor’s office or in the classroom.

While months have passed since her last visit, Marut told FOX23 children remember the four-legged friend from months ago. She said “that continuation of that joy between in May and now and the connection that they’ve made with the dogs is just awesome.”

Marut said Persis is a master at turning a child’s day around. “We can say, ‘how’s your day going?’ and they’ll say, ‘it’s just really a sad day,’ but by the time they leave the dog, they have a smile on their face and they’re jumping and ready to go play with their friends and so, we can see that it’s made a difference in them.”

Persis and the other dogs are also helping with safety drills happening this week. They’ll be on hand to provide comfort throughout the process.

This group of dogs will be in Uvalde until the end of this week before returning home. A new group of dogs will then take over for a third and final week.