Friends mourn death of Tulsa Blues icon

VIDEO: Friends mourn after passing of well-known Tulsa saxophonist

TULSA, Okla. — Mike Winebrenner was inducted to the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in 2018. He passed away this week after multiple health complications that started with an ulcer.

“Tulsa’s lost a great musician,” local musician Heather Buckley said. “But more than that, a piece of history, everybody that Mike played with, you become some of those parts. Tulsa’s also lost a big voice. A voice for local music, he supported local bands, bands just starting out, bands that are old.”

The Tulsa Blues community says he was an icon. He played the saxophone and venues across the city. From Cain’s Ballroom, to Cimarron. In the ’90s he played with Dane Trout. Trout lived with Mike for about a year. His fondest memories is making sandwiches which is what they basically lived off of.

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Mike was best known for his impeccable saxophone solos. Former band members say he went off the music, and just did his own thing. And he was good at it.

Mike played with Calvin Youngblood and other various local musicians.

On top of being a saxophonist, he was known for his giving heart. He had a heart for the homeless community. He would do drives to collect scarves, coats, and gloves. He was big supporter of any local musician and band.