• Police release video from chase that ends in wounded officer


    NOWATA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Police apprehended Alejandro Garcia just after 7 a.m. Friday morning
    • Officer shot Thursday during pursuit of suspects north of Nowata
    • Officer was transported to the hospital in serious condition
    • Pursuit continued across Kansas line where 2 suspects were taken into custody
    • Rifles, body armor were found in the suspects' vehicle

    Police apprehended a man suspected in the shooting of an Oologah police officer. 

    After several car chases and a man hunt in Liberty, Kansas, police caught Alejandro Garcia, 22, shortly after 7 a.m. Friday morning. 

    Cesar Rios, 23, and Roxanne Mendoza, 20, were arrested Thursday night in connection with the shooting.  

    The trio first came in contact with officers during a traffic stop in Talala. After Garcia presented a Mexican license, officers were ready to make an arrest.

    When Talala Officer Stephen Pales, the officer who stopped them called for backup for their arrest, they took off, taking officers on a chase to four miles down the road. 

    At that point, investigators said the trio opened fire, when Officer Charles Neill was shot in the head. His car then crashed into nearby trees. 

    Pales wanted to make sure Neill was okay.

    "You are gonna be all right," Pales says on video from the dashboard camera.

    Medics life-flighted Neill to the hospital, where despite the injury, he was responsive. He is expected to be OK. He may be released from the hospital as soon as the end of the week.

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    The pursuit continued into Kansas where stop sticks were laid out. When the vehicle was stopped, officers arrested Rios and Mendoza. 

    Police recovered an AR-15 and body armor from in the vehicle.

    At that point, Garcia fled on foot. While officers searched the area, they say Garcia took an elderly man hostage and forced him to drive. 

    At some point, the man was shot in the neck and fled again on foot. He  is expected to be OK.

    Garcia abandoned the stolen vehicle after police shot at him. Garcia fired back but no one was hit.  

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    FOX23 spoke to firefighters who said they were asked to stay overnight and into the morning. They said Garcia "pulled a stunt," starting a fire in the area. 

    The Kansas Bureau of Investigation took over  the search. They set up a command post within the perimeter where Garcia crashed the stolen vehicle, and ended up arresting Alejandro Garcia. 

    The Kansas Attorney General will lead any potential prosecution of Garcia.


    Stay with FOX23 News as more information becomes available.

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